Heather Summers ------ eccentric, eclectic, multi instrumental One Woman Show

Initially a classically trained orchestral violinist, Heather has performed with many bands, and has a background in improvisation, having trained and played with improvisation maestros Maggie Nicols and Eddie Prevost.

Her style is a fusion of Celtic, classical and world influences, of predominantly original compositions, songs and spoken word. A multi instrumentalist, she loops fiddle, mandolin, cajon, harmonic flute, melodica and synthesiser, live on stage, creating big soundscapes. One minute she's a full string section, another a four piece band.

She has performed and recorded in the UK & Australia in a number of folk roots, contemporary and world music bands including Bull's Wool, Cardi, On The Edge, Lunar Cycles, Scrape the Grape, Fireweb, Meerkat, Sound Waves. In 2004 she performed with The Siwsann George Welsh Road Show in Urdmurtia, part of the Russian Federation.

Several albums to her name with bands she's performed with, Heather launched  her first solo album Pleiades, which she toured around Wales, Italy, Greece and Kenya. 

Visit Heather Summers  to listen, download tracks including a free one, and buy CD 'Pleiades,'or individual tracks.

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 * The depth of writing, combined with ---musical talent, makes for a head spinning brew ---

Musician, The Journal of The Musician’s Union

 * Heather Summers fiddle is strong and gypsy through the songs-- Full of melody 

          Chris Woodman, Tunetown

* Your sound is beautifully organic and very witty

          Charles Foskett, shmusicmusic © Heather Summers 2014